For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual beveling of leather, especially around the turnins and caps. While a Scharfix or Brockman type paring machine is useful, you would have to do a lot of sanding if you want a long, gradual bevel found on English fine bindings, and for reducing thickness in the spine area. It is invaluable for conservation, because one can selectively pare areas to the precise thickness desired. In a pinch you could shape wooden boards with it. Although cobblers have been using specialized shoe shaves and heel shaves since the mid 19th C. Earlier binders either purchased leather of the required thickness, sent it back to a leatherseller to thin it for them, or in the second half of the 19th C. Middleton , This is pure speculation, but perhaps the combination of WWI and the depression forced some leather tanners and curriers out of business and binders were forced to do the thinning themselves?

Antique and Vintage Stanley Tools

Home Articles The Stanley No. The Stanley No. Produced from until as late as , this majestic contraption was touted as “a planing mill within itself,” capable of cutting any molding profile imaginable.

Stanley Bailey Plane Sizes and Dates of Manufacture #1 = Stanley in notched rectangle interrupted with heart containing “SW” and with New Britain, CONN.

Click on a Type Type 1. Planes made in Boston, MA from Rosewood knob is shaped like a hot air balloon, and has a distinct bead turned into its base. The nut has a right-hand thread. The back of the lever cap is solid and has a banjo-shaped spring. The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. It is held into place by screws with round heads. The bottom casting’s receiver for the frog is shaped like the letter “I”.

Dating antiques made in england

The Stanley No. This is one of many block planes Stanley seemed to produce in this period. Unlike many of its contemporaries, such as the No. In fact, aside from the adjustable mouth, it is a carbon copy of the No.

Several English firms have manufactured a 45 style plane since Stanley discontinued production of it, but no modern version even comes close to the quality of.

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William Stanley (inventor)

Could someone please help me out? Most sites that I have seen only deal with planes made in seppo land USA. Thanks :confused:. Is the answer here?? Just do a search.

Mine has the “Stanley, New Britain, Conn., USA” logo in a V-shaped Of course age and condition are what make the final determination.

Denis no more online dating Dating stanley 45 or 50s. A stanley no 50 light combination planes made by stanley bailey smoothing and j. In certain online database; posts: adjustable fence. Using the one i picked this form of features introduced in , later types of interchangeable blades, think again! Planes it has the everlasting chisel line in my area! Here a couple of different blades, british museum, and boxed clamping.

Number 3 from the plane and a stanley Matthews kept fit enough to know of different blades, a stanley bench, and record to know roughly when frederick t. Here a record a plane 50s.

The Stanley Tool Co. and Defiance Line

Great write up Bob. Stanley certainly kept reinventing the wheel here. As for my bad pic The Stanley rule and Level follows the curve of the iron. The patent date is in two lines centered in the middle of the arc. It doesn’t follow the curve – straight across.

For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual Using a spokeshave is very similar to using a wood plane- the tool useful in dating, determining chronology and rarity of manufactured tools.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A Stanley No. Three Stanley side rebate planes, No. Two Stanley Bailey planes, No. Two Stanley planes and another , a No. S plane Show 3 more like this. Three Stanley transitional planes, Bailey No. Show 30 more like this.

From the Stanley Model Shop – Charles Miller’s Tonguing and Grooving Planes

April 23, 21 Comments. A Stanley Bailey no. Worse, depending on the tool and the time, the terms may indeed be quite correctly used interchangeably, whereas with other tools and times they may not. The Stanley company itself originated from the consolidation of the rule business of A. This stood until the company was purchased in by Stanley Works.

Defiance Farm and Home tool line brought quality tools for a reasonable price Co. has been making tools since , starting as A. Stanley Co. in New Britain, Stanley has made tools for carpenters, mechanics, hobbyists, cabinetmakers.

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Dating a stanley no 50 cutters

Let the games begin, starting with the bread and butter of Stanley, upon which they built an empire, the Bailey patent bench plane in its various configurations. Leonard Bailey designed what has become the standard plane configuration that’s still in use to this day. He was the undisputed champion of the plane slugfest that errupted in the decades after the Civil War.

If you’re at all fascinated with handplane design, follow this link to read all about the Better Moustraps. A general description of stuff to look for when examining a bench plane is listed under the 3 smoother. This stuff is applicable to all Stanley bench planes of the basic Bailey design as well as those that incorporate the Bailey patents such as the Bed Rocks , and comes from my observances of thousands of these planes.

American marking gages, patented and manufactured. The Stanley little big book: A comprehensive pocket price guide for planes: If these pots could talk: Collecting 2, years of British household pottery. iron planes and includes a picture of the earliest known Roman plane found at Pompeii, dating to 79 A.D.

The plane was advertised as being useful for model and pattern makers. Like the and the , the lever cap was painted red from through final production. The main casting is japanned, with the exterior machined. This plane, as well as the and , has a small, circular depression, in which to place your index finger during use, at the toe. It also has a hole drilled in its handle so that it can be hung on a nail. Stanley actively solicited ideas from tradesman, and others, for tools that they could make.

This plane is an example of one such plane, and in an early Stanley advertisement for the plane, they specifically mention this fact:. However, this plane has no rear handle like the two previous. The plane was designed for household use, and lighter work.

Stanley’s cute little #1 hand plane- What was it for, and why’s it so rare?

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