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Vases, planters, and ashtrays were the most popular items from the era. Today, certain McCoy pieces can bring in a nice price for sellers. If you love McCoy pottery then read on to find out more about this iconic American company. While the McCoy Pottery Company was started in founded by William Nelson McCoy , it was not until that the firm began making art pottery in the form of vases and other decorative objects. Before this point they had made unadorned crocks and mixing bowls : strictly utilitarian. The company was founded in Roseville, Ohio, but is not to be confused with the Roseville Pottery which produced art pieces at the turn of the century and which at one point owned the McCoy name.

McCoy (pottery)

The plate measures almost 12 inches in diameter. I would like to learn its approximate dating and possible worth. Dear Reader: McCoy’s ceramic products were diverse. Starting first as a stoneware manufacturer in the early 20th century, the Ohio firm went on to produce art pottery, planters, cookie jars, kitchen wares, dinnerware and novelties.

The factory closed in

Majolica Pottery Marks: Minton Date Codes. Dating swedish art glass. Roseville Pottery, Weller Pottery, Mccoy Pottery, Antique Pottery, Glazes For Pottery.

The J. They produced stoneware and some art pottery lines. The plant was destroyed by fire in , but rebuilt a couple of years later. In , George Brush became general manager of the pottery. In , J. They produced artware, earthenware and stoneware. Brush Pottery remained in business until

Dating hull pottery marks

Antique and became the various marks the mccoy. Roseville, seals, seals, for the nelson mccoy and was founded in the mccoy pottery is categorized by register marks, shawnee, such that are exceptions. However, you will be aware that lines.

The Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Co. has origins dating to Nelson McCoy Senior his father and five stock holders previously founded the McCoy.

About Dermatology Consultants P. Dermatology Consultants P. Under the leadership of Jose Mendez, DO, the dermatology practice is comprised of a bilingual team of physicians, physician assistants, medical estheticians, medical assistants, and office staff who work together to provide outstanding medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologic care to patients of all ages. The team also performs dermatologic surgery, including Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer.

The practice also provides skin cancer screenings and treatments, including close examination of moles and spots of all kinds. To schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking tool on this website. For questions about your specific coverage, please call the office. Our Mission.

How to Spot Fake McCoy Pottery

Before you can even estimate or set a price for that antique or vintage McCoy figural cookie jar or other ceramic ware made by the company, you must establish the date that it was made. The company produced ceramic ware under a variety of names from until it closed in , with some McCoy pieces highly collectible. If you are a novice collector, McCoy pottery items are a good way to learn about collecting, as you can obtain some original McCoy pieces at relatively inexpensive prices.

Be aware that several companies produced fake McCoys in a rip-off of the name over the years.

History and information on McCoy Pottery, patterns, marks, value and more. Click Here to see over 9, McCoy Pottery items at eBay! AND FARMHOUSE AND IT HAS THE McCOY STAMP ON THE BOTTOM DATING FROM ,​.

Located in Roseville Ohio the company produced stoneware until after which it was combined with eleven other pottery companies to form one large stoneware company. By the newly formed conglomerate had liquidated. From this point on, with the demand for stoneware declining, McCoy began to establish itself by producing its own unique wares. The difference between utilitarian and art pottery is near night and day. However, as decorative as the pieces became, they still continued serve utilitarian purposes, which is one the reasons McCoy was wildly successful early on.

NOTE: We have amassed a collection of images of many of the known Sanitary pieces below, however we are always looking for more. If you know of one that is not listed, please let us know by contacting us at webmaster mccoypottery. Help Web McCoyPottery. Com Lists. Com Forums. Com Auctions. Store Search. Advanced Search.

McCoy Pottery Sanitary Line.

How to Estimate the Value of McCoy Pottery

This guide provides a method to determine whether a particular piece of pottery that purports to be made by the Nelson McCoy Pottery is authentic, or whether it is a fake or a reproduction. There is a detailed discussion, and many pictures, of fakes and reproductions on the following pages within the website. There are very many fakes and reproductions on the market today.

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Antiques: Plate/charger, settee, ceramic vase

In the collecting world, the Hull Pottery Company is best known for its Little Red Riding Hood dinnerware collection of the s and its high-gloss art pottery of the s. Other popular items include its toiletry jars for Old Spice, vases, and baskets for the florist industry, piggy banks, and lamps. The Hull company has an interesting history and a slew of popular product lines. Find out more about the company, its unique identifying marks, and tips for spotting reproductions.

Is there anything more beautiful than a production by McCoy Pottery? Since ​, this company has been making flawless pots, planters, jars, etc. that have.

Antique McCoy pottery items are considered highly collectible. These pottery items are available at all price levels, making them an attractive prospect for collectors of all types. The McCoy Pottery Company has a long and interesting history. The American company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in April Roseville was chosen as the area was rich with clay, and the land was given to the company free of charge in recognition of the employment opportunities and revenue it would bring to the area.

A change of direction took place in when the company responded to consumer interest and began to focus more on the manufacture of decorative items and less on utilitarian wares. The company changed hands during the years, and finally closed in The style of antique McCoy Pottery items is wide and varied. It ranges from fun but functional items, such as a lamb planter, through to the more utilitarian. As the pottery spanned such a long time period, the style of pottery made very much reflected the trends and fashions of the time.

According to the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society , there were dozens of lines of McCoy pieces, each produced in a variety of colors and glazes. These include white, yellow, blue, brown, coral, and other shades. Some included multiple colors. A few notable examples of McCoy Pottery lines include the following:.


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Majolica Pottery Marks: Minton Date Codes. A look at English, American and Continental Victorian majolica and faience from a historical, aesthetic and.

McCoy is a brand of pottery that was produced in the United States in the early 20th century. It is probably the most collected pottery in the nation. Starting in by J. They continued on almost into , but had to close down due to declining profits. The pottery produced utilitarian stoneware and operated successfully until about They also bought, sold, and mined clay. All of the member potteries produced stoneware to be marketed by the new company.

The ACPC produced sales catalogs of the wares that were produced, which purposely had no trademark, and had salesmen to advertise and take orders. The pottery orders received by the company were shared among the different potteries based on production capability, and the revenue received was proportionally distributed. The demise of the company released the former member potteries to once again become independent and they went into direct competition with one another.

Also around this time, the demand for utilitarian stoneware was beginning to decrease. In order to re-establish its own identity, and also to reflect the changing times, the Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Co. Additionally, it was around this time that the company began the practice of marking its wares. No evidence has been found that the company had ever marked any of its wares prior to this time.

McCoy Pottery Mark

Figure 1: The images above provide examples of Brush pottery in the later years. Click on any of the pictures for more information it is graphics-intensive and may take awhile to load. Figure 2: Some vases and planters bear the script Brush mark. Figure 4: Many Brush-McCoy planters can be identified by their distinctive unglazed feet.

McCoy Pottery Marks Dating top is scalloped. I marks a old McCoy turqoise pitcher with 2 clovers on one side and 3 clovers.

New cookie jars marked McCoy have been made since the mids. New vases, wall pockets and other shapes marked McCoy have been increasingly common in the secondary market. The new McCoy marks appear not only on copies of McCoy products but on copies of pieces originally made by other collectible potteries such as Shawnee and Hull. One would think using such names as McCoy, Roseville, Watt and others on new products would be illegal, but that’s not the case.

Once a company goes out of business, there is no corporate legal staff to challenge the use of registered trademarks or brand names. If registration of a trade name expires, it can even be relisted under a new owner. This was the case of the Bauer Pottery name which was registered to a new owner in and is now used in reproductions.

Unfortunately, this situation makes it difficult for collectors who previously relied on marks to date and authenticate items. Buyers must keep informed of the latest reproductions and how they differ from the originals. Marks alone are not a reliable test of age for many areas of collectibles. One of the best ways to catch most new pieces marked McCoy is to simply measure a suspected piece.

Fakes and Reproductions Marked McCoy

Below we have assembled a listing of the various marks used to identify McCoy Pottery through the years. It is important to note that McCoy did not mark every peice of pottery. Very common mark.

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Our focus is to provide an ever-expanding site that will be your first source for obtaining knowledge of these companies and their wares. We are dedicated to the preservation of fact and increased understanding of the manufacturing process, history, and products of Brush-McCoy. This Guide is not intended to be a replacement of existing reference books, but is an accompanying reference that will enhance and expand on this existing information. This Guide is currently has web pages of content.

We’re wishing you a safe, happy and successful year We have changed it’s location! You may want to update the link in your Favorites or Bookmarks. You can get a good look at what’s authentic, and what’s not. Browse through the pottery lines to take a look at new, larger pictures.

Michael Locati of Locati Auctions Appraises my Grandmother’s 1930’s McCoy Vase

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